KSAVI - Makeup Artist London

About Ksavi

KSAVI - Makeup Artist London

KSAVI is an established international makeup artist and beauty consultant and she prides herself on her support for emerging brands and talent, taking inspiration from those that took her under their wing early in her beauty career.

During her career, KSAVI has been mentored by Val Garland and Alex Box, plus worked with some of the top makeup artists not only in London, but also worldwide. Despite beginning her career as a specialist Asian bridal makeup artist in London, with a focus on private bridal and Bollywood clients, KSAVI now regularly works with an exciting roster of celebrity clients and international publications, and can always be found backstage at Fashion Week in both the UK and overseas.

KSAVI’s celebrity makeup work includes Mark Rylance, Sonam Kapoor, Hayley McQueen, James Lee Taylor, Maher Zain, Harris J, Neha Dhupia, AR Rahman, Reshmin Choudary, Manish Bhasin, Ian Rush, Diddy, and more – and her beauty commentary, tips and editorial work has appeared in Harper’s Bazaar Brides India, GQ Turkey, Glamour Magazine, Huffington Post, Esquire, Vanity Fair, Dazed & Confused, and Bullett Magazine.

Today, KSAVI is renowned for her work as a fashion makeup artist for editorial, runway and commercial work. Her work with skin is particularly sought after by commercial, menswear brands, and private clientele. She also offers a variety of red-carpet makeup services for private clients, celebrities and socialites. Recently, KSAVI launched her own YouTube channel as a way to give back to her wonderful community of avid followers and up-skill them in makeup, inner beauty advice and share her experiences working in the fashion and beauty industry.


Dan Jackson, Rankin, Matthew Shave, Clay S Gardner, Vicky Lawton, Simon Gough, Benjamin Kaufmann, Jermaine Francis, Jens Langkjaer, Francisco Gomez De Villaboa, David Hyde, Julien Tavel, Martin Barker, MK Hub, Frederick Wilkinson, Krish Nagari, Justyna Radon, Ruta Jane, Lottie Turner, Eduardo Fuida, Graham Cann, Shital Gohil, Tim Tog, Alex Pichon, Danny Baldwin, Thanos Poulimenos, Anne Charlotte Moulard, Stefanie Chareonbood, Julia Kennedy, Mark Kelly.

Elle UK, Cosmopolitan, Vogue Italia Photo, Bullett Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar Brides India, Esquire, Vanity Fair, GQ Turkey, Damaged Magazine, Fucking Young, Dazed & Confused, Elements Magazine, Elegant Magazine, Baron Magazine, Evening Standard, ES Magazine, Hello Fashion UK, This Bitch Magazine, Huffington Post, Glamour Magazine.

Princess Lilly Zu Sayn Wittgenstein, Mafalda, Elina Meswani, Daniel Lee, Seann Miley Moore, Mark Rylance, Sonam Kapoor, Daisy Robins, Hayley McQueen, James Lee Taylor, Maher Zain, Harris J, Neha Dhupia, Rita Ora, AR Rahman, Greta Bellamacina, Claire Van Kampen, Jack B. Anderson, Ivy Mae, Richard Hadderz, Lauren Hutton, Caprice, EMAN, Denny Daily, Safa, Heejoo, Reshmin Choudary, Manish Bhasin, Ian Rush, Diddy.

John Frieda, Rimmel, Bottega Venetta, Child of the Jago, Vivienne Westwood, Maybelline, Loreal, Bulgari, Chopard, De Beers, GloGlam, KathKath Studio, Faberge, Ted Baker, Loveness Lee Jewellery, Maree London, S9 Muses, Sam Hamilton Collection, Matalan, F&F Clothing, Bashartyanv, Nayfandwavey, Puneet Bhandal Couture, T-Series Music, Nishel Jewellery, L’Orosz, Shaleena Couture, Asiana Couture, Deevara Jewels, Pink Paisley London, Puneet Bhandal Couture, T-Series Music, Nims Jewellery, BIBI London, Variety Silk.


2018 Ziad Nakad SS18, Paris Couture Week
2018 Palmer Harding SS18, London Fashion Week
2018 Antonio Grimaldi SS18, Paris Couture Week
2018 Ziad Nakad SS18, Paris Couture Week
2017 TRANOI SS18 show, Paris Fashion Week
2017 Wayne McGregor ‘Human’ show
2017 Songzio, London Fashion Week Mens
2017 Couturissmo SS18, London Fashion Week
2016 Couturissmo show featuring Jean Paul-Gaultier and Michael Cinco
2016 Head Makeup Artist, ArtDubai Fashion Week
2015 Head Makeup Artist, India Fashion Week, London
2014 Head Makeup Artist, National Asian Wedding Show, London