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How to Remove Fake Tan

We all want that healthy glow from a cheeky spray tan or two, but sometimes it can be a blotchy brown nightmare that leaves you looking more tangerine than bronze beach goddess.

Taking it off can also be a huge pain, but this is where my experience as a professional makeup artist in London comes in! Below, explore some of my top tips to remove fake tan.

Don’t Scrub

Everyone’s immediate reaction is to try and vigorously scrub fake tan off, but you shouldn’t do this. Scrubbing will make your fake tan marks worse and can even damage your skin if you’re not careful.

Instead, use a body polish or oil over the tanned areas, the oils will help speed up the fading process and will allow for a more even skin tone as you fade back to your usual skin colour.

Exfoliate Often

Another top tan removal tip I recommend trying is to try to exfoliate often. Use a warm and damp towel or mitt in small gentle circular motions on your skin. Regular exfoliation encourages your skin cells to renew themselves, which breaks down the tan and causes it to fade quicker.

Lemon or Lime Juice Body Rubs

You don’t need to be a professional makeup artist to try this one out, just take the juice from either some lemons or limes and apply it to a damp flannel. Place the damp flannel in a microwave for two minutes then rub it over the patchy tan areas that you want to remove.

It’s perfect if you want to remove tan from face areas like your forehead or cheeks and it’s relatively fast acting. Plus, you can also use it to remove grease and makeup from your skin.

Visit the Local Swimming Pool

A visit to a swimming pool is excellent for fake tan removal. The chlorine in a swimming pool is abrasive to the skin, so it’s perfect for breaking down the tan. Combine a swim with gentle exfoliation in the showers after, and your tan should fade relatively quickly.

Soak in Bath Oils

The last tip I can give you for spray tan removal is to soak in bath oils as the components of these oils is perfect for breaking down the elements in your tan. Once you feel your skin start to go soft, I recommend gentle exfoliation to help your skin renew and encourage the tan to fade quicker.

These are just a couple of handy tips I’ve picked up during my time as a makeup artist in London. So, if you have a fake tan from hell that you want to remove fast then try some of these out at home!

Want to look your best once your tan has gone? Book an appointment with KSAVI, your go-to professional makeup artist in London.

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