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What is a Jelly Face Mask?

Through my work as a makeup artist in London, I hear about the latest skin treatments, and one of the most talked about recently is the jelly face mask.

We all know the benefits of petroleum jelly, but what about other types of jelly? That’s right, a jelly face mask isn’t your regular treatment; it’s an organic face mask that’s incredibly good for your skin.

What exactly is a Jelly Face Mask?

When you see the word ‘jelly’ you instantly assume Vaseline, but a jelly face mask is, in fact, made from seaweed, which is great for your skin. It’s so good for you that you can already find it in a range of beauty products, from bath bombs to shower gel and hair care. But it’s not all about the seaweed; there’s also a royal jelly mask that’s worth checking out if you like honey-based face creams.

Benefits of a Jelly Face Mask

Not only does a jelly mask contain all natural ingredients, but it also includes fruit which, before use, sits in a hydrating carrageenan base. What this means is that it has a squidgy and soft texture, is free from synthetic preservatives, and it locks in the hydration to your skin without leaving a greasy residue.

How is it made?

Even though there isn’t a lot of facemask recipes out there just now that feature seaweed jelly as an ingredient, it’s not that hard to make as you just mix a normal facemask but with a gelatine base.

If you want to make a jelly face mask at home, I recommend using fruit rich in Vitamin C and royal jelly for soft, supple and refreshed skin. Try experimenting with different fruits for variety.

How to Apply a Jelly Face Mask

As a makeup artist, one thing I always get asked is how to apply specific products and facemasks are no different. Luckily, this is incredibly easy to use even if you’re a novice in the skincare arena.

All you do is scoop the mixture into your hands and blend it until it turns into a soft cream. Once you have enough cream, apply it to your face and leave it to soak in for roughly 10 minutes. Then, wash it off with warm water and a soft cloth, leaving your skin sumptuous.

With natural ingredients in makeup leading the way, it won’t be long until jelly face masks are everywhere.

If you’re looking for something different to add to your face care routine, I highly recommend trying out a jelly face mask; it’s unique, fun, and has plenty of benefits.

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