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How to Get Long Hair

Every single one of us at one point has wanted long hair, but it’s not as easy as just waiting for it to grow. I’ve compiled a handful of my favourite proven hair growth tips to try out if you’re looking to go full Rapunzel and get long hair.

Have Patience
First off, remember that you can’t grow your hair to your desired length overnight; most hair growth tips will forget to mention this. Unless you’re sprouting hair rapidly, it’s going to grow quarter of an inch at the most per month, so patience is a virtue. You will get the length you want, but it will take time. Also ensuring your hair stays healthy and grease free will ensure your hair grows faster, too.

Condition When You Can
You should also regularly condition your hair every time you use shampoo. Over time, the styling, heating and colouring of the strands in your hair will cause damage which results in them getting a lot thinner, especially towards the bottom. Most conditioners will protect the hair by adding proteins and lipids which will keep the strands healthy and prevent them from splitting.

Don’t Shampoo as Often
Another rather surprising titbit for how to get long hair is to cut back on the number of times you use shampoo. Ironically, washing with shampoo can be detrimental to your hair, because it’s normally used for removing dirt and grease, and can strip out the natural oils your scalp creates that keeps your hair soft and healthy. Also, a cold rinse after each shower can be beneficial for anyone trying to find out how to grow hair as it flattens outer layers of hair and prevents moisture loss.

Give Brushing a Break
Another tip I picked up as a makeup artist in London is something rather simple yet effective; be gentler in your brushing of your long locks. Regular brushing can cause damage and small tangles that start at your scalp can turn into big knots further up that cause some major damage to length.

Don’t Wrap It Up
One final piece of advice I have for how to make your hair grow and get long hair is to avoid wrapping your hair in a towel. Wet hair and towels normally go hand-in-hand, but small strands of hair can be caught in the fibres of your towel and these tiny strands are more prone to breakage. If you need to use a towel, try one with thin micro fibres. Giving your hair a break from hot tools and chemical treatments is also worthwhile; you could also try hair growth supplements.

If you stick to these tips then you should have long, luscious hair in no time at all!

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