KSAVI & The British Asian Trust

KSAVI works very closely with two main charities close to her heart.

The British Asian Trust – Founded by the Prince of Wales, it serves as a ‘social fund’ to support and give high impact within the areas of health, education and enterprise in South East Asia. KSAVI is the Official Hair and Makeup Artist with the Trust.

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KSAVI & UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative

KSAVI and her husband became Ambassadors for the UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative following their experiences as parents of two premature babies. The work and support that they received from the medical staff was incredible.

Unfortunately, tragically in 2015, KSAVI and her husband lost their 8-month old son due to his immune system being low as a result of being a premature baby. Since then, KSAVI and her husband work as Ambassadors spreading the importance about premature birth, complications to be aware of and support for parents/carers.

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